Partawa & Beard Care

Take care of your skin and beard

Like hair and skin also your beard and skin needs to be taken care of. Our beard oils will keep your skin and facial hair in superb condition. All of our beard products are made from natural ingredients in Finland. Our products are high quality and they take care of your skin and beard – for that we are really proud. You can use our products also just for your skin!

Why use Partawa products?

Handsome beard
Your beard will be more glossy, easier to style and well taken care of with our products.

Skin care
We use ia. vitamin E and argan oil in our products. Our beard products will take care of your skin, reduce dandruff and itching.

Comfy feeling
Beard does not have to be harsh and pungent. Our oils will soften your beard.

Great scent
Most of our products have natural, fresh and manly scent. We also have non scented products in our selection.

Couple of tips for beard care

  • You get the best out of your beard oil when you scrub it all the way to your skin!
  • Best solution for styling is to use a proper beard wax.
  • Remember to wash your beard with high quality soap to keep your beard and skin in good condition.

Partawa – story and the crew

“Partawa was created when I made beard oil to bring up extra shine to my chin hairs. I noticed that the oil kept also the beard area skin very soft. As beards have become more common, my well treated beard got noticed amongst my friends as well. I shared my secret with them and made some oils for my friends to use. In a while, the positive feedback encouraged me to start selling these fine oils. And here I am now, sharing the Partawa experience to you all!”

-Mika, CEO

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