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Wallet - leather

For all you bearded fellows - a wallet to match your style. Finnish handcraft just for your money!

64,90 €

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Product information

This awesome Partawa wallet is forest-like green, rough, and beautiful! You can fit 6-8 cards and few bills in the wallet. Each one is unique since they are handcrafted. At first we will only make a small batch of these beauties so this is a collectors treat! The wallet is made for us by Luava Finland. Once you order, you agree our terms and conditions.

The wallet is made from Italian Pueblo Olive leather with rough and enduring stitching and by Finnish handcraft. You can find a pressed Partawa logo from the back. The wallet will live and age nicely in usage – it will get darker, shinier, and softer the more you use it.

NOTE! Don’t let the leather get wet. If it gets wet, dry the wallet slowly in room temperature. The wallet is made to be used and it endures normal usage very well – it gets more and more awesome the more you use it.