Face and beard masks

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We are producing masks in cooperation with Havu Design. Masks are made for bearded faces to cover up bearded area. Masks are made in Finland. NOTE! There are three types of masks to choose from the drop-down menu. The first one is a free hanging type and the second is tied around your neck to form a pouch for the beard. Third is an XL-sized free hanging type, 2 cm longer with adjustable ear hoops. Once you order, you agree our terms and conditions.

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All of the mask types are made from antibacterial Cool Fresh 100% polyester and are damn good looking! This fabric makes it easy to breath compared to masks made of cotton.

Face masks do not correspond personal protective equipment or surgical purposes and they do not give certain protection against COVID-19. Masks do not full fill requirements of professional personal protective equipment.

How to use:
– Washing in 90 degrees, do not use softener
– Do not wear the mask if it is hard to breath
– Put on the clean mask with clean hands
– Take the mask of only by touching the handles and put the mask straight to the washing machine or to a plastic bag. Wash the mask after every use.
– Make sure the mask fits by tying up the handles if necessary
– Do not use the mask without following the instructions

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