Puhdas pohjola


UNSCENTED, rich and nurturing. Puhdas Pohjola is made from 100% natural oils and bottled in Finland. Once you order, you agree our terms and conditions.

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Puhdas Pohjola – unscented beardoil, which is very nurturing and rich. The oil gives your beard a glossy look, incredible softness and wipes away the itching and dandruff. In addition it will simply make your beard look damn good!

Ingredients/ 30ml: Jojoba oil, Argan oil and Vitamin E

Keep the oil in room temperature and covered from straight sun light. Don’t let the oil freeze – it may change the scent of the product!
Use only to beard and skin. Rub the oil with your fingers and palms into your beard and all the way to your skin. Don’t spread the oil to your eyes, mucous membrane or to wounds.

If you notice any allergic reactions, stop the usage immediately.
Product preserves 6 months after first opening.