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Mighty Forest - oil + wax + comb

When beard is your religion you need Partawa's holy trinity - beardoil, wax and comb! NOTE! Size of the beard wax has grown - before 35ml and now 50ml <3

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Product information

If you want to get a full beard care experience, you should buy a Partawa beard product package. In this package you will get our first product, forest scented Mighty Forest beard oil and light grip & styling with Mighty Forest beard wax. You will also get our beard comb Äes which is purely hand-crafted in Finland. Once you order, you agree our terms and conditions.


Mighty Forest – the first beard oil by Partawa. This top seller will keep the beard soft, glossy, less itchy, reduces dandruff and brings some comfort to the beard! This oil is bottled in Finland and it includes vitamin E and it is made out of 100% natural oils.
Ingredients/ 30ml: Jojoba oil, cedarwood oil, cypress oil, E-vitamin oil, eucalyptus oil.
Keep the oil in room temperature and covered from straight sun light. Don’t let the oil freeze – it may change the scent of the product!
Use only to beard and skin. Rub the oil with your fingers and palms into your beard and all the way to your skin. Don’t spread the oil to your eyes, mucous membrane or to wounds.
If you notice any allergic reactions, stop the usage immediately.
Product preserves 6 months after first opening.

Mighty Forest is an oil based beard wax that takes care of your beard and enables styling with light grip. The wax is made from high-quality 100% natural ingredients such as Finnish beeswax, jojoba oil, argan oil, organic sheabutter and vitamin E. As appropriate, Metsän Henki has some forest-like and fresh scent. The wax also works well for light styling of mustache.
Inc/ 50ml: sheabutter organic, beewax, jojoba oil, argan oil, vitamin E oil, cypress oil, cederwood oil, eucalyptus oil
Usage: Take the wax on your finger tips and warm it up with your hands until it mealts. Rub around beard and shape it as wanted. Avoid spreading the wax to your eyes or mucous membrane.
If you notice any allergic reactions, stop the usage immediately.
Product preserves 6 months after first opening.

Äes – beard comb made from Finnish wood. If you are reading this, congrats! You have just got a Finnish beard comb, named Äes, into your hands. Every comb is an unique piece of purely handcrafted wood. The comb gets its form in Häme in the hands of an experienced carpenter. After that, the comb gets branded and
the rest of the finishing touches by our team. The comb is compact, yet efficient even for longer beards. Äes finds its place from your bathroom cabinet or from the pocket of your suit. We make our combs from Finnish wood!

Note: No forest or a single tree has been cut down for our combs, because we use wood that has been laying around at the carpenter’s smithy, just waiting to become your beard comb.


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